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This is the CGS http server, currently at http://cgs.coalmont.net

The current content here is DOS software and the odd personal file and link. Most of it is hidden and needs a specific file name to access. It will remain here for a while so that links on other sites won't break - just yet. However, it is planned to put all that and more on the new CGS site which will be dedicated to DOS and general communications technology. That site can be found at http://cgs.pw

This site is primarily for private use but visitors are welcome. Note that it may be unwise to link to something here because content is likely not permanent. If you want a copy of something you see, grab it now. You could also ask me and I'll put it up for you.

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FREE is an interesting BBS posted for Doctor Clu
free.zip (108K)

dos-mta.zip (254K)
dos-ssh.zip (147K)
diag.zip (318K)
DOS Network Card Drivers (122K)

The DOS Controller
dc-sk.zip (39K)


After migration to the new CGS site at http://cgs.pw is complete, this one will be dedicated to the historic Coalmont General Store at 1841 Front Street in Coalmont, Canada.