It is a good idea to mark the progress of time and our lives with traditions.
 Here is the schedule of flags at the Coalmont General Store where I hope to
 maintain some semblance of an historical look. I have followed that by a
 detailed explanation of my feelings about the choice of colours and occasions.
 At the end I explain why, apart from not being historically correct for the
 building, I choose not to fly the "Maple Leaf".


               Flag Flying at The Coalmont General Store

  occasion         day     colours                           uptime

  Winter Solstice  21 Dec  Dannebrog       (31 to 59 days)   4-8 weeks
  Chinese New Year 18 Feb  BC Provincial   (42 to 70 days)   6-10 weeks
  All Fools' Day    1 Apr  East India Company    (54 days)   8 weeks
  Victoria Day     24 May  Royal Union Flag      (38 days)   5 weeks
  Dominion Day     01 Jul  Canadian Red Ensign  (183 days)   26 weeks

          Each flag flies until the next one goes up, so the Danish
         and the BC Provincial ones will be up for varying lengths
             of time depending on the date of Chinese New Year.